A house roof may loose its shine and contrast after years. It could significantly change the whole picture of your house. Prestige Euro Painters can help you to return that exclusive contrast and make your house look as new!

We can paint any kind of roof with a colour of your choice.

Our Roof Painting Process

House Roofs often have dirt, loose paint chips and algea growth on surface so it is important to have a good Water blasting cleaning performed first. After, everything that has not been washed out we scrap and send to achieve absolute clean surface so the paint can last at its best condition for a very long time.

All areas that will not be painted will be covered by drop sheets and plastic sheets. Later we will prime any bare areas. The whole roof will be painted by a spray gun, supplied by Prestige Euro Painters, at least with two coats of good quality paint.

When job is done we double check the painting and touch up areas that do not satisfy us. After all, we will remove all garbage and clean any unwanted paint if any. We only pack and leave when the client is 100% satisfied with the job!

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Prestige Euro Painters are professional painting contractors for Master Painters New Zealand